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At Sempose Fitness we pride ourselves in delivering top quality service to each and every athlete. We incorporate core values to help athletes prepare for sports, as well as life outside of sports. Our approach is straightforward and structured in accordance with the number one rule when it comes to any type of training…


Before athletes get stronger, run faster, or jump higher, it is essential that they learn how to move better! This is why we require athletes to complete a Sempose Fitness “Movements 101” course (8 sessions) or enroll in private or semi-private training before joining our group classes.
Sempose Fitness is in the
Strength & Conditioning Business.
We do not do any sport specific training! We don’t tell athletes how to shoot a basketball, throw a football, catch a baseball, or dribble a soccer ball. We leave that to their sport specific coaches.

Why is this important?


Have you ever heard the phrase, “you can only wear one hat at a time?” This same rule typically applies to the world of sports as well. Far too often coaches/trainers try to wear too many hats! It could be sports specific coaches trying to teach athletes how to get stronger, or strength coaches trying to teach athletes how to shoot better. Either way, the ATHLETE suffers the most from these types of exchanges when information conflicts. That is why we specialize in strength and conditioning. This allows Sempose Fitness to stay up-to-date on the most advanced approach to helping improve athletic performance. To help further explain these relationships I will share a brief, yet thorough analogy with you…

Imagine that every athlete is a racecar driver and their sport specific coach teaches them how to drive a specific course. The sport specific coach will teach them how to turn efficiently, when to accelerate, when to pass others, and all the other skills required to race successfully. Well at some point that driver will reach a point that they are no longer improving their time on the course. This is where Sempose Fitness comes in. We are the equivalent of a mechanic in the given scenario. We take the vehicle(athlete’s body) and upgrade the tires(improve footwork), put in a bigger motor(increase power), rebuild the transmission(improve acceleration), etc. Once we complete the modifications we return the vehicle and driver back to the sport specific coach. Now that the vehicle is much faster, stronger, and reliable it becomes the coaches responsibility to teach the athlete how to maximize their efficiency on the course. This process repeats through an Elite Athlete’s career.

Movements 101

Movements 101 is perfect for the athlete who is new to strength training. During this course we will cover speed & agility, jumping mechanics, and all of the fundamental movement patterns that are essential to all forms of exercise. We teach athletes how to move better BEFORE teaching them how to run faster, jump higher, or get stronger. At the completion of this course athletes will have the option to join the ‘Elite Athletic Training’ class.  Call or email to enroll your child(ren) in our Movements 101 program.

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Elite Athletic Training

These athletes are ready to take their sports performance to the next level! Our ‘Movements 101’ course sets the foundation and this class shows athletes how to implement what they have learned. They will strengthen their body through a series of body weight, suspension system, dumbbell, and barbell exercises. In addition, their training will include elements to help improve speed & agility.

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