I think we can all agree that a Lamborghini is an amazing machine. As an owner we would surely take great care of it. Making certain to get routine oil changes and tune ups, rotating and replacing tires, avoiding rough roads and other harsh conditions when possible. This machine is finely tuned to perform! As long as we take great care of it, it will run like a champ for many years to come.

Now I ask you the following: How well would this machine run if we put a bag of sugar in the gas tank?

If you think that a Lamborghini is an amazing machine, just wait until you see what YOUR body is capable of doing! However, if we want to achieve peak performance with our bodies we have to perform proper maintenance on them. Alongside the maintenance, we need to be mindful of what we put in this fine tuned machine of ours. If you wouldn’t load your Lamborghini gas tank with sugar then do NOT do it with your body! If you consume crap your body will function as such. I’m not suggesting that you rid yourself of all junk food, just learn to consume in moderation.

One of the most valuable approaches we can take is to begin monitoring our food consumption. In general, I ask clients to keep track of what they eat, how much they eat and the calories, protein, carbs, and fats of each item. I also request a log of the amount of water consumed each day and how much sleep they got each night. This information is vital to maximize the efficiency of a workout program.

*If you are looking for specific nutrition related advice please contact our registered dietician