Competition is not some new found idea that needs to be revamped annually. Unfortunately, today’s greed and lack of sports knowledge lead to a perverted interpretation of the term. Dating back to the days of the Greek, COMPETITION was about one team/person bringing their ‘A’ game, another team/person bringing their ‘A’ game, and competing for the purpose of MAKING EACH OTHER BETTER! It wasn’t with this new age mindset that encourages players to “win at all costs.”

So who do we really blame when Athletes’ die due to dehydration, use steroids or other forbidden aids in their sport, or when they think it’s okay to remove their helmet during a football game and proceed to hit an opponent in the head with it?!? (all true stories).


John Wooden – 10 NCAA Basketball Championships in 12 years. Knows a thing or two about competition.

The late coach John Wooden defined WINNING by the effort you put forth, not by the score at the end of an event. Young athletes begin playing sports because it is fun.

And then comes along a coach (could be a parent) who teaches this child that it’s all about winning. Now this young athlete is more concerned with winning than his/her actual love for the sport. I’m not suggesting that winning is not important, however, far too many athletes lose sight of the reason sport was introduced in the first place.