Steve’s Philosophy

Are you looking for a lifestyle change? Or maybe you just want to add variety to your current workout? Steve Richardson is an ACSM Certified Personal Trainer and USAW Olympic Lifting Coach who wants to help you achieve YOUR goals! But before we get started, we both need to delve into “THE WHY.” THE WHY is the underlying difference between where you are currently and where you want to be. Until THE WHY is determined, progress will always be limited. Don’t worry, your initial consultation is ABSOLUTELY FREE and during this session we will begin to figure out THE WHY and discuss possible ways that I can be of service to you. My goal is to help people strive past their limited expectations and reach and achieve true wellness.

Steve’s Background

Steve began his early years of life continuing in the family tradition of bowling.  It did not take long for him to realize that he didn’t have the skill level of his siblings, but what he enjoyed most was seeing how fast he could throw the ball down the lane.  This deep desire for rapid movement led Steve to join baseball, basketball, and football teams at a young age. In middle school Steve was exposed to lacrosse by a Mr. William Duffy.  Fascinated an advantage because of his speed and agility, Steve began to place emphasis on playing lacrosse more often.  During the off-season he wanted to keep in shape so he trained and competed in multiple Indy 500 Mini Marathon events.  Steve then developed a strong passion for distance running; although historically he was more of a sprinter. Steve joined the Broad Ripple High School cross country team his freshman year and received numerous awards and newspaper write ups. He also wrestled for the first time after being encouraged to join the wrestling team by his older cousin Chris Brown.  Steve openly admits that the first year of wrestling came with many defeats.  Still determined and driven by competitiveness, Steve worked hard during the summer and improved significantly going into his sophomore year (Much thanks to Charles Williams for always challenging me to a “takedown wins it” duel even during the middle of the school day).  During his 2nd year of wrestling Steve placed 3rd in the state for his divisionin Greco-Roman.  He went on to wrestle for Team Indiana at Nationals that year in Fargo-Moorehead.  Steve continued to wrestle throughout high school. Shortly after graduating he was inspired by Louis Brown (older brother of Chris Brown) to look into boxing.  Boxing quickly became Steve’s favorite sport because of the intense training that was required.  However, after a few bouts Steve realized that he enjoyed the workouts more than getting hit!  Later in life Steve picked up ultimate Frisbee, soccer, cycling, and basically any other sport that was a challenge.  The most impressive part about his athletic career is that he has never been seriously injured. Steve attributes his injury-free athletic career to three main factors. First, Steve has been blessed.  Combining his genetic gifts, work ethic, and discipline, Steve has been able to excel at various sports.  Second, he was taught at a young age the importance of a proper warm up and cool down.  Third, Steve prioritizes quality over quantity.

Olympic Lifting Coach

Russian Kettlebell Certified

B.S. in Kinesiology


Steve’s Vertical


Steve’s 40yd. dash time (w/laser)