Foam rolling our hamstrings may be the most bitter-sweet feeling known to mankind! But remember to take a moment and ask yourself ‘why?’ Why are your hamstrings so incredibly tight?

Yes, I get it …. You have been an athlete all of your life. That still does not answer the underlying question. Take a break and have a friend or your trainer roll your quads for a while. Did you find a few knots? Almost jump off the table a few times?

Bipedal humans are extremely quad dominate by design. As a result, our quads can quickly become tight due to our daily activities. Since we typically prefer upright locomotion, our hamstrings sometimes have to compensate for the quadriceps tightness by becoming tight as well. We notice tightness in our hamstrings more because they are not stretched as often.

Think about it …. Every time that you sit in a chair your quads at least get a slight stretch (assuming you bend your knees to sit down). During your next stretching segment try to foam roll your quads, stretch them, and then begin working on your hammies. A little use of the PNF system (proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation) works great here!

Athletes deserve great trainers and great trainers deserve great listeners. Let’s work together to build the next generation of amazing athletes!